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if you can Dream it, you can Do it. -Walt Disney

It was approaching the 6pm dinner hour and I had no idea what to feed my family. I was feeling guilty as a Mother because I couldn’t do it all. At our house dinner is at 6pm. It’s a time where we all sit at the table, eat good food, and share stories about our day. In a life of crazy busy ways, dinner at 6pm is a constant. But this day proved to be an epic fail, and I thought, I wish there was a place to pick up a healthy homemade dinner that wasn’t processed and didn’t cost a fortune. And this folks, is how Bean Pod started, a seed was planted! And the ideas started to grow.

I found myself asking my family and friends about locally made, local ingredients, and homemade foods to-go. Everyone I talked to loved the idea.

I cooked my family’s favorite dinners and made extras to share. Everyone enjoyed them, and they loved taking them home to feed their families. My friends were able to get more done, when they didn’t have to grocery shop, cook and clean. I received a phone call one afternoon from a friend of mine, and she asked me to make her a meal. She was going to pay me for it! And I said yes! And Bean Pod grew a little more.

The vision and mission for Bean Pod easily came together.

-I believe in providing busy people with good meals and making lives easier.

-Bean Pod supports local businesses by purchasing local products and incorporating local ingredients into a locally made product.

-To prepare meals that are comprised of family favorite recipes, healthy ingredients, simply made, budget friendly, and convenient for everyone.

Bean Pod is: Food you Enjoy with People you Love!!

Bean Pod grows a little everyday, by keeping strong to the values and traditions of family. The values of coming together at the dinner table, sharing stories of your day, and eating homemade dinners! The traditions of family recipes, spending time together and creating happy memories!


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